Deep Discounts On Wall Mounted Shelves
Similar To What Is Sold At Home Depot
Wire Shelves
Chrome Or Green Epoxy
14", 18", 21" Widths
Wire Shelves From $24.94 Buy Now
Shelf Dividers
Keep Shelves Organized
Chrome, 8" High
Shelf Dividers From $11.38 Buy Now
Shelf Ledges
Keep Items From Falling Off Shelves, 4" High
Shelf Ledges From $7.88 Buy Now
Wall Mounts
Chrome Or Green Epoxy
Single Or Double
Direct Wall Mounts From $26.69 Buy Now
Wire Posts
Chrome Or Green Epoxy
Mobile Or Stationary
Wire Posts From $10.94 Buy Now
Replacement S-Hooks, Split Sleeves & Foot Plates
Accessories For DIY Shelving From $1.27 Buy Now
Starter Kits
Preconfigured Shelving Units, 12 Different Models
Wire StarterShelf Kits From $128.33 Buy Now
Add-On Kits
Use With Starter Kits To Create Larger Shelving
Wire Add-On Shelves From $117.03 Buy Now
Mobile Kits
Preconfigured Mobile Shelving Units, 11 Models
Mobile Wire Shelves From $201.62 Buy Now
Utility Carts
Preconfigured Mobile Carts, 8 Models
Wire Utility Carts From $113.79 Buy Now
Security Units
Preconfigured Mobile & Stationary Security Units
Wire Security Units From $446.25 Buy Now
ESD Accessories
Make Your Shelving Unit ESD Safe
ESD Accessories From $11.62 Buy Now

Build Your Shelving - Then Organize It!

Shelf Bins

Use these Shelf Bins to organize your shelving units. They feature a label holder to make organization a snap and are designed for 12", 18" and 24" deep shelving units. Bins are waterproof, resistant to most chemicals and are unaffected by grease or oil. Available in multiple sizes and colors.

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Build Your Own Wall Mounted Shelving!

Wall Mounts

Use these Direct Wall Mounts to create wall mounted shelving. Use a single support at the end of a shelf or use double supports for adjoining shelves. Each shelf requires two single Direct Wall Mounts. Each Wall Mount consists of one shelf support, one mounting plate and two shelf collar caps.

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